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Concordia Bookstore Sponsorship

Concordia Stores Supports the Concordia University Community

We are pleased to contribute to the vitality of campus life by sponsoring events that promote the Concordia Community. We support many students, staff and faculty events and activities.

However, due to the large volume of sponsorship requests we receive and the limited budget we have available for such activities, we use the following guidelines for the allocation of contributions.

Before making your request we kindly request you read the Sponsorship Policy Guideline.

Sponsorship Policy Guidelines

Eligibility for Consideration

Concordia Stores will consider donating retail material to organizations that are a direct part of the Concordia Community. This would include student, staff and faculty organizations that are involved in not-for-profit activities that enhance the aims of Concordia University.The project or activity must be held on campus and must benefit the students.The project or activity must include visibility for Concordia Stores.

Applications from individuals or group organizations not meeting the above criteria will not be considered.

Submitting a request

We request a minimum of 10 business days to consider and fulfill a sponsorship request.You must send a written request to Kim Barbier (Marketing Coordinator, Concordia Stores) at as much information about your organization and the event as possible. Clearly explaining the nature and purpose of your event helps us to determine the appropriate course of action.Assign one point of contact for your fundraising activities. While we appreciate the amount of effort and organization it takes to run a successful fundraiser, having multiple people make separate donation requests for a single even is not appropriate.We will be more than happy to work with you to custom order promotional/gift items or to negotiate a discount on bulk orders.


We request that you send us examples of how our donation was recognized by your organization. This may include:

A flyer, brochure or program that displays the Concordia Stores logo. Distribution of Concordia Stores promotional material. A logo and link from your event webpage. A digital photograph of the donation being distributed or displayed at the event.